Thursday, November 3, 2011

Titan Grand Prix

Okay i'm officially one horrible "blogger" LOL!

The Titan Grand Prix - took place Oct 22, 2011 i placed 8th out of 17 Ladies! I wasnt really "feeling the love" at this show, i came in better then ever and was docked for having "too much seperation" in my quads. they were the same as my last show as i didnt specifically train my quads at all this prep, and corrected what they told me i was lacking from the last show. The honest truth.... you dont know what the judges want or are looking for, you just have to bring what you feel is your personal best to each show. With that being said, i'm very happy with my conditioning and what i brought to stage.

While in LA...
I had the pleasure of shooting with Noel Daganta for the Cover of FitnessGurls magazine:

And We were joined by some friends of ours, and we had a great time. Went shopping, enjoyed a great dinner saturday night after the show and then sunday we hit up hollywood to do the tourist things!

What i ate after the show...
had a few celebration shots with my fellow Bikini Pro's backstage, then i had a thai steak salad, sushi, and key lime pie at houstons in santa monica. The next morning we went to the famous "FireHouse Restaurant" and i had my favourite spinach pancakes, and a bowl of egg whites!

i didnt go "too" crazy as i had a big photoshoot the following weekend with Pink Elephant. Which was an absolute blast!! they are so amazing and i got plenty of amazing pics from that shoot, cant wait to share them all with you... here is a video clip from the shoot: CliCK HERE

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Stay Hot&Fit


Monday, October 10, 2011

I survived Thanksgiving... did you?!

Alrighty... the weekend is over and you feel like crap, you over ate and now you are regretting that second piece of pumpkin pie. "why did i have that" .... i've been there and done that!! BUT not this time! This time i had a portion controlled meal- turkey, broccolie, and some yams. all steamed and baked, and no extras!!

Being 2 weeks out from my show and on a strict diet i was having second thoughts about even ATTENDING dinner but it went well and i hit the gym first thing saturday morning did little extra cardio, and was DOWN 2 pounds after the weekend!

Dinner was at my inlaws who own 50 acres outside of town, they have a full on farm and i got to feed the goats, i loved them and i wanted to take them home, along with these cute little kitties!! checkout the pics! I also collect fresh eggs for my egg white omlette then got to see the buffalo that supplies our meat! it was fun, "city girl visits the farm" this should be my next video blog! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Have a fit and fab week, NOW hit the gym and burn off hose extra calories that you consumed over the weekend!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"O" What a week...end

Okay here i go... dont really know where to start! This past week & weekend was PACKED with events & so much fun, it was OLYMPIA WEEKEND in LAS VEGAS!

How the weekend started:

Tuesday: I signed on with KORE Fit Living as a sponsored athlete! This is a new chain of supplement boutiques across Canada. I'm very happy to be apart of this amazing team & company! With my husband owning his own Kore franchise, this seemed like the perfect fit for me! Thank you KoreFit!

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Thursday: Dean and i Flew into LV - we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, a little off the strip but close to the convention centre, which is where we spent most of the days ahead! This was also the night of the Oxygen "Pre- Olympia" party.

Friday: 6am - up for morning cardio, then hit the convention centre to work the MUTANT booth from 10-4pm, then back to the hotel to get ready for my phoot shoot with TC Chang Photography (we did some submissions for the Status Fitness Magazine 2012 Calendar)

After the shoot: We went to the FITNESS GURLS MAGAZINE launch party at Surrender and i am VERY happy to announce that i WON their Cover Girl model search, so keep an eye out for me on a future issue! yahooo!!

Saturday: No workout, go my much needed rest and hit the expo again for day 2! this was THE busiest day of the expo, and i got a chance to meet up with a bunch of my fellow competitors for some pics! check them out...

SUNDAY!!! .... Usually this is the big day for the post Olympia pool parties, but not for this girl LOL ...instead i had the amazing opportunity of shooting with photographer Gregory James for MUSCLEMAG, along side 2011 IFBB Ms Figure Olmpia winner Nicole Wilkins, and fellow IFBB Bikini Pro's Natalie Pennington & Barbara Bolotte, we had an amazing day and was definatly the "icing on the cake" after this eventful weekend. here are some pics...

Thats it! My weekend wrap up...

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"follow your heart, follow your passon"
Leigh xx

Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy September!!

Summer is about to come to an end, i had a great one- had my birthday, took up road biking, and started prep for my next show. Many things to look forward to in the up coming months, such as OLYMPIA weekend & my show!!!

Thats right, Olympia is less then 2 weeks aways and i'm heading down with my Hubby & my sponsor i will be working at the MUTANT booth friday & Saturday so make sure to come by and visit me. i love to see everyone!!

up next: I'm 7 weeks outs from the Titan Grand Prix and 9 weeks out from the Sacramento Pro. decisions, decisions. i've had a few personal set backs so im thinking the extra 2 weeks of prep will be good and bring me in perfectly for the Sac show, we will see where i'm at in the next few weeks to come. I did the Sac show last year and had such a great time- always fun!

November 12, 2011 - Sandra Wickham Fall Classic show
Our Team BobyByBrandt
is hittng the stage!! 12 amazing women with great physiques will be ready to shine and show off all their hard work, then me and Dean are headed to HAWAII for a Holiday!! yipeee hehe

if you are interested in prepping for a competition, need help with losing baby weight, have a big birthday or wedding coming up and want to get ripped, shape up, lose the extra pounds. Contact me today let me help you to achieve the physique YOU want!

Follow your Heart, Follow your passion!

Leigh B xxoo

Monday, August 1, 2011

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!

"Canadian Cuties"

Its been MONTHS since my last written blog! I say “written” because I have been doing VIDEO blogs on inside Fitness Magazine for my “road to the Toronto Supershow” & got such great feedback and responses from everyone that they have allowed me to continue with them for my next prep!
Thanks IFM!!

So here is a little re-cap of the past few months:

on my last blog i wrote about shooting with Muscle & Fitness Hers and in July they ran a 4 page "5 FAVE" SHOULDER workout spread on me... using the photos from that shoot!! ... so awesome!!

June 16th I did a photoshoot with OXYGEN magazine, had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Paul Buceta AND received a copy of their ‘GLUTES” issue!!!! Little did I know they ran a 4 page spread in it of myself and Melissa Pittman. So make sure to grab a copy and check it out for great partner workout!

June 17th was the Toronto Supershow I placed 7th in the PRO Bikini Division. I defiantly came in at my best for this show and I am working on making some great improvements to my physique and my lower abdominals are my main focus. Overall the weekend in T.O. was so much fun! I met so many amazing people and worked the MUTANT booth at the expo all day Saturday with IFBB PRO Stephanie Worsfold, Mr Mutant himself Renaldo Gairy, and the rest of the Mutant team. Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by, showing your support and saying hi, was a pleasure meeting you! Much love to you all!

After the show I went out for my first “cheat meal” in weeks!! I topped off the night with a ceasar! WHY? I dunno It just looked really good in the picture on the menu and it REALLY was! Hehe

ITS OFFICIAL!!!!! I am an INSIDE FITNESS COVER MODEL!!!!! I have the pleasure of gracing the cover of the new IFM magazine with my good friend Mark Anthony Flex. This has defiantly been dream come true. I have always been so inspired by the ladies on covers of magazines, everytime I pick up a mag I think to myself how “I wish that was me”, well no more wishing its actually happened and I still can’t believe it!! Now I look and think “is that me?!” LOL and I feel so much more motivated and inspired to stay in shape and keep going and believing to be my best, and that all the hard work does pay off. But I cant take all the credit! I have come along way in my fitness career and I have so many people to thank and who have “showed me the ropes” and who have introduced me to others who have opened many doors for me.

“Its not about the win, its about the amazing people you meet along the way”

I have so much thanks to go out to all of the people I have met “along the way” each mark a special place in my heart as you have all helped in making my dreams a reality. Thank you.

Inside Fitness - Oxygen summer “Glutes” - Muscle & Fitness Hers are all on Newstands now so please make sure to grab your copies!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moving on....

Wowzers!! been a while since my last post, i have lots to say... and dont even know where to start!

So here i go...

last weekend i took off to LA to shoot for "Muscle & Fitness HERS" magazine!! This was definatly another highlight in my fitness career, this team was so amazing to work with- and i cant wait to do it again!

up next... TORONTO SUPERSHOW -6.5 weeks out and feeling Grrrrrrreat!! i'm so pumped for this show.. hello?! its on home stage... hehe. All of the shows i have done this past 2 years have been in the USA and as much as i love it, i'm excited to be in Canada and have all my fellow Canadian friends & family cheering me on.

This weekend.... i will no longer be a "newlywed" hehe... the "honeymoon phase" definatly isn't over. but the honeymoon HAS come and gone! haha.

movin on... after 9 years with the same company i've quit! i'm moving on and pursuing my fitness career & passion in full force! watch out fitness industry i'm hittin ya hard this year, and with nothing holding me back!

BodyByBrandt .... thats right BBB is heading to a local CBBF show in less then 3 weeks... 12 dedicated, inspiring, rockin bods will be hittin the Kelowna Western Canadian stage May long weekend. These sexy ladies have been workin their booties off to showcase their best physiques to date. SO excited and proud of how far you have all come! Keep it up Ladies! XO

With summer just a few months away, there really is no better time then the present to get that rockin "bikini body" you've always wanted!! Contact me today to start a new you, just in time for summer!

Stay Fit & Fab
Leigh xox

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whats hot & whats not

Wow its been a while since ive last made a post. I have so much exciting news and things to share with everyone!!!

First off... I competed at John Lindsey's Muscle Contest last weekend, i also did this show last year for my PRO DEBUT... i placed 10th last year and this year i placed 7th in a bigger class with amazing women, all dialed in and bringing it!! This was such a great show, and a great weekend overall. I got the opportunity to shoot with two phenominal photographers for two totally different shoots:
Harry @ LHGFX Photography - we did a beach and gym shoot

CHAZ @ Chaz Photographics

i had so much and they did too!! already making plans for more shoots with both of them this year!

On another note: Everyone ALWAYS wants to know what i ate after the show, and i DID have a photoshoot the next day so i just enjoyed a ahi tuna salad with the dressing ON!! lol and a few yam fries!! after my photoshoot on sunday we all went and trained and golds gym venice then hit the firehouse for my favourite spinach pancakes!!! sounds weird but they are so delish!

BEFORE i left for MUSCLE CONTEST i recieved sponsorship from "THE SUIT LADY" Colleen. she made my beautiful blue suit, which i receieved many copliments on.!! can't wait to see what she comes up with for the TO SUPERSHOW June 16th... thats my next show!

HUGE NEWS!!!! .... After the show i was invited back to LA for a Photoshoot with "M&F HERS"... THIS was the icing on my shake and i thought the weekend couldn't get any better, boy was i wrong!!
3 weeks till this shoot and i'm sooooo excited!!

To help me prep for this shoot, and the Toronto Supershow my trainer Mark Anthony Flex is coming out here for a week to kick my butt, and help me make improvements.

Thats it for now: i've created a yummy healthy cheesecake recipe that i cant wait to share it with all of you so make sure to follow me on twitter & Facebook aswell.

Stay Fit & Fab as always! XO

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arnold Re-Cap

This was by far the BEST Arnold weekend i have attended!!

The Mutant Booth was PACKED!!!! We had a challenge of who could do the most wide grip pullups with the 15lb bag of Mutant Mass strapped on to you with a weightlifting belt! it was a huge success!! I have to say it was HILARIOUS when the guys wanted to come up and just do pullups to get their "pump" on for all the beautiful women walking around the expo! priceless!! The most was 36 pullups and we had Kendell the winner from last year working at the booth with us his year! We also had another IFBB Pro & Mutant Sponsored Athlete Martin Kjellstrom.

Weekend Breakdown:

Thursday: Arrived in Ohio- Trained at Metro Fitness it was a really tiny gym, great atmosphere with TONS of professional athletes, models, cameras, and video camers around. Ths was definatly a hot spot for making training vids!

Friday: Hit the gym in the hotel for a morning cardio session. Got ready to meet up with Lori Fabrizio for hair and makeup. While i was there i had the pleassure in meeting Paul Buceta - with whom i'm hoping to shoot with in june for Oxygen Magazine. After i was finished up with Lori i took off to my Photoshoot With the AMAZING Arthur from Arsenik Photography- we did test cover shots with Kyle Clarke for Inside Fitness Magazine.Then off to the MUTANT both at the expo! Such a fun shoot and amazing day!

Saturday: Had Makeup done by Mindy Karuk, Then shot with Arthur (Arsenik Photography)again for more test cover shots this time i was shooting with my good friend Mark Anthony Flex!!!! After the shoot we then hit up the expo and worked the MUTANT booth. Mark did a "Flex Off" with Martin Kjellstrom, so funny seeing 2 grown men dropping their pant in public....Definatly a crowd favourite!!

After the Expo we went to another shoot together, this time it was with Pink Elephant. Yet ANOTHER great shoot with 2 very creative & wicked photographers. We also ran into Cover model Heather Robertson and current Inside Fitness Cover Model, so we did a fun group shot and then Heather and i had a face off. hehehe so cute! Heather won the HOT & Fit 2010and i got a proud second. Did i mention she taught me the bootie pop?! Thanks Girl.. your the best!

Sunday: Exhausted and beat... the time change really killed me. Hit the Gym and then hit up the expo with the rest of the MUTANT team!!
Overall it was a very busy and amazing weekend that's topped the charts!! Loved seeing all my Finess Friends, fellow competitors, new peeps, AND ARNOLD himself!!

heres some pics from the weekend:

Getting love from Muscle Insider Magazine

UP NEXT: L.A., For my show - Muscle Contest- 3 weeks out!!

Train HARD, set GOALS, and go an GET'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh Brandt