Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Arnold Re-Cap

This was by far the BEST Arnold weekend i have attended!!

The Mutant Booth was PACKED!!!! We had a challenge of who could do the most wide grip pullups with the 15lb bag of Mutant Mass strapped on to you with a weightlifting belt! it was a huge success!! I have to say it was HILARIOUS when the guys wanted to come up and just do pullups to get their "pump" on for all the beautiful women walking around the expo! priceless!! The most was 36 pullups and we had Kendell the winner from last year working at the booth with us his year! We also had another IFBB Pro & Mutant Sponsored Athlete Martin Kjellstrom.

Weekend Breakdown:

Thursday: Arrived in Ohio- Trained at Metro Fitness it was a really tiny gym, great atmosphere with TONS of professional athletes, models, cameras, and video camers around. Ths was definatly a hot spot for making training vids!

Friday: Hit the gym in the hotel for a morning cardio session. Got ready to meet up with Lori Fabrizio for hair and makeup. While i was there i had the pleassure in meeting Paul Buceta - with whom i'm hoping to shoot with in june for Oxygen Magazine. After i was finished up with Lori i took off to my Photoshoot With the AMAZING Arthur from Arsenik Photography- we did test cover shots with Kyle Clarke for Inside Fitness Magazine.Then off to the MUTANT both at the expo! Such a fun shoot and amazing day!

Saturday: Had Makeup done by Mindy Karuk, Then shot with Arthur (Arsenik Photography)again for more test cover shots this time i was shooting with my good friend Mark Anthony Flex!!!! After the shoot we then hit up the expo and worked the MUTANT booth. Mark did a "Flex Off" with Martin Kjellstrom, so funny seeing 2 grown men dropping their pant in public....Definatly a crowd favourite!!

After the Expo we went to another shoot together, this time it was with Pink Elephant. Yet ANOTHER great shoot with 2 very creative & wicked photographers. We also ran into Cover model Heather Robertson and current Inside Fitness Cover Model, so we did a fun group shot and then Heather and i had a face off. hehehe so cute! Heather won the HOT & Fit 2010and i got a proud second. Did i mention she taught me the bootie pop?! Thanks Girl.. your the best!

Sunday: Exhausted and beat... the time change really killed me. Hit the Gym and then hit up the expo with the rest of the MUTANT team!!
Overall it was a very busy and amazing weekend that's topped the charts!! Loved seeing all my Finess Friends, fellow competitors, new peeps, AND ARNOLD himself!!

heres some pics from the weekend:

Getting love from Muscle Insider Magazine

UP NEXT: L.A., For my show - Muscle Contest- 3 weeks out!!

Train HARD, set GOALS, and go an GET'EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leigh Brandt

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  1. Great recap, Leigh....with I could have been there.