Sunday, January 16, 2011

In it, to WIN it

I'm raising the bar on my own person goals and achievements this year!! I want to win and I want to bring my all time best physique and darn it that's exactly what I'm gonna do!! I'm not aiming for top 3 I'm going for the win!

This year has already started off with a BANG!!! I made the INSIDE FITNESS

I'm truly honored to be amongst such beautiful and inspirational women, and to place second!!! WOW!! Thank you Terry Frendo & Inside Fitness :)

Arnold is creeping up fast ... 40 days, and I'll be working the "MUTANT" booth!! Then 2 weeks later is my show in Culver City "Max Muscle Contest"! I have a few big photo shoots planned at the Arnold, I'm doing another shoot with OXYGEN Mag. and then one with a really good friend of mine Mark Anthony Wingson - we are working on a few projects together this year so watch out for us!

check out my video for a great recipe:

Ciao for now,