Thursday, November 25, 2010


Check check it ooooout!!!!!! HOw Cool is this.... me and Melissa Pittman goofing around onset at our OXYGEN magazine shoot in August, and it gets PUBLISHED!!!! in the 2010 December issue!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sacramento Pro & BIG news

This past weekend wrapped up the Sacramento Pro Show, which i competed in AND placed 6th!! i'm super happy with the results, i placed 4 spots higher then my last show, and am hoping this is just a sign of what is yet to come!! The IFBB Bikini Ladies all looked smokin' and it was a pleasure competing with them all, definatly a tough class :)

I have to make a HUGE shout out to my NEW SPONSORS ... Whey Gourmet & Legare Wear! Both these companies ROCK!! Also a BIG thanks to all my family and friends, and especially my husband. He was along for the trip all weekend supporting, tanning me, taking pics, getting food, you name it... he was there... put up with little carb depleted me. But like Marilyn Monroe said "if you cant handle me at my worst, then you dont deserve me at my best" lol he got the best of both this past weekend! ahahaa

I'm happy to say that i will be doing some video blogs for whey gourmet!! Gonna show everyone how to cook with the BEST protein! Make healthy eats n' treats, with chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry banana, cookies n creme and so much more... AND STILL LOOK AMAZING!!

With Xmas just around the corner, lots of dinners etc coming up i've gone back to my "all Season" plan. Little less carbs to keep it tight during xmas and i'm sure i'll make up for it during the big festivities. I've also decided to have christmas dinner at my house this year so i know what is going in to all the prep for dinner. This is going to be my first time cooking christmas din and having both my side and my husbands together. I'm looking forward to it!

my ALL season must have supplements:... i say "ALL" because i use these year round, even during prep!!!
Whey Gourmet PB Chocolate
Whey Gourmet cookies & creme
Maxx Multi Vitamin
PVL Xtravol blue Raspberry .... sooooooo amazing! best recovery ever invented!!

Stay tunned... more videos to come, along with pic from my photoshoot with CR Photography

here are some pics from halloween, my show, and signing with Whey Gourmet....