Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MaKiNg A MoVe

September already! i'm heading to the Olympia in Las Vegas next week with my husband and friends, this is the biggest show of the year and i always look forward to attending. This year i will not be going with Nutrabolics as i am no longer on their roster of athletes. Instead i'm going to scope out the scene, check out the booths, meet tons of fellow competitors and have fun! I'm currently working on a new sponsorship with an amazing company one that i am very excited about! i incorperate their products into my daily regime and baking! so stay tuned for some NEW healthy treats!

Well, this weekend i'll be 5 weeks out from my next show! I will be competing at the Houston Pro. I'm so excited to step back on stage again, i really miss it! i've been practising my posing 1-2 times a week - it aint easy walking in those shoes, let me tell ya! haha! You'd think being a women i'd be a born natural, but its tough! I've ordered some cute new bikini's too!! heres is a recent training video of me, check it out:

I'm so excited i LOVE "bikini"!!! You get to have fun with your posing, were super cute bikinis and you can change them from morning to evening if you want too!! I've switched trainers and im back training with my husband Dean Brandt, hes an amazing trainer, knows what works and what doesnt work for me AND we get to spend more time together! LOL. Its hard when your training for a show, your life is " Eat-Sleep-Train-Repeat" so your social life kinda fades... especially when you are this close to a show and you work full time & taking a course. Trying to fit everything can be challenging, and this is where organization comes into play.

Plan everything ahead: cook up a bunch of veggies and have them available to make quick meals, add them into anything!! i also like to cook up my fish and chicken so i have it available to just toss in the microwave.

Here is a recipe that i made so its easy to travel with and they sound gross but taste REALLY good- you feel like its a cheat! haha

Pre-heat over to 350
2 real whites (7grams of protein)
2tbsp water
what ever veggies you want i've used 1 cup of broccolie or green beans
1 piece of fish (3.5 - 4oz)
1 tsp chillies

i used my pederno its like a "magic bullet" and you just chop everything up and then through into the magic bullet till its creamy.
spray baby muffin tins with pam spray so they dont stick
pour in your creamy mixture
bake for 15 mins or until done. stick a tooth pick in. you'll see the edges turning brown. then you can eat them hot or cold....hope enjoy them as much as i do!

LASTLY: has been updated! check out the new photos!

Take Care,

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hey everyone here is the Curry Chicken recipe. Its not creamy like curry but it definatly taste like it! its really yummy give it a try!


1 lb of boneless/skinless organic chicken breast
1 zuccini
20 green beans
1 cup mushrooms
1 carrot
1/3 water
2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon finely chopped or crushed ginger
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper or I used 1 tbsp Chillies
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt

Curry Rice:

1 med head cauliflower - 20 oz
1/2 teaspoon ground curry
1 green onion - finely chopped
dash of cayenne pepper or i used 1 tbsp chillies, sea salt, ground black pepper
1 Tablespoon olive oil

Start by heating up diced chicken on the stove.
As it cooks, fry up the mushrooms and zuccini till brown place aside in a serparate dish. once chicken is no longer pink through in the carrots and green beans add the water and lemon juice and put a lid on it low heat to steam the veggies. once the carrots and beans are a little soft add in all the spices and put the mushrooms and zuccini in. put the lid back on to keep warm until the cauliflower is done! If its a little watery take the lid off and let the water cook away!

The fastest and easiest way to do the cauliflower is to chop them to small florets, then microwave them for a few minutes until they get soft with a little bit of water to steam them. Then, toss them in a food processor till they are in tiny bits then toss it into a hot pan with pam spray and just stir fry it like you would have rice.

enjoy everyone! and checkout my faceook for a picture of this delicious recipe!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

VIAGRA aka the little blue pill

Let’s get down n’ dirty, and take your libido from so-so to off the charts! We have all seen the commercial on TV where the wife is sitting there giggling as the husband is telling the story of how they have been up all night, and felt young again after taking the little blue pill. Well this got me thinking -what would naturally boost your sex drive without the little blue pill? So I did some research …

Libido- which means sexual desire, a person’s sex drive or sexual urge varies from person to person, male to female. If you Improve your exercise and diet, you’ll not only feel confident naked & look great, you’ll INCREASE YOUR SEXDRIVE!!! Did you know that every form of exercise can have a positive impact on your sex life? especially lifting heavy? I didn’t! AND stress and fatigue lower your sex drive! So try to decrease the stress in your life and Make sure your getting a good night’s sleep (after you’ve got down n dirty under the sheets of course). !!

Working out regularly increases testosterone which is the hormone that raises and lowers your libido & sex drive for both men and women. So in order to be “off the charts” try adding some of these foods to your diet, along with regular exercise to NATURALLY increase your libido:

Raw oysters: High in Zinc – Raises Testosterone & sperm count

Asparagus: Contains Vitamin E- Stimulates production of sex hormones

Figs: High in Amino Acids – Increase sexual stamina

Almonds & all nuts I general- good source of fatty acids – raw material for men’s production of hormones

Bananas: High in Potassium & B vitamins – Improve male libido

Eggs: Vitamin B5 & B6 – Fights stress and boost female fertility

Brown Rice, Cheese & Turkey: All sources of Zinc- Testosterone is dependent on zinc

Salmon & other fish: good source of B vitamins- Important in keeping good reproductive health.

There you have it! There is no excuse not to eat healthy and workout, in fact it’s more of a reason to get up and get going each day. Forget the little blue pill and boost your libido, you’ll also increase your stamina which in fact could help you go all night long! LOL Keep yourself and your partner happy BOOST THAT LIBIDO.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Low Fat Date Squares

Hello Everyone,
I'm prepping for the Olympia and on the search for some yummy diet friendly treats! and i found this one below, check it out-make them- and let me know what you think!! this website has lots of great recipes!

Low Fat Date Squares Calm Mind Busy Body