Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Moving on....

Wowzers!! been a while since my last post, i have lots to say... and dont even know where to start!

So here i go...

last weekend i took off to LA to shoot for "Muscle & Fitness HERS" magazine!! This was definatly another highlight in my fitness career, this team was so amazing to work with- and i cant wait to do it again!

up next... TORONTO SUPERSHOW -6.5 weeks out and feeling Grrrrrrreat!! i'm so pumped for this show.. hello?! its on home stage... hehe. All of the shows i have done this past 2 years have been in the USA and as much as i love it, i'm excited to be in Canada and have all my fellow Canadian friends & family cheering me on.

This weekend.... i will no longer be a "newlywed" hehe... the "honeymoon phase" definatly isn't over. but the honeymoon HAS come and gone! haha.

movin on... after 9 years with the same company i've quit! i'm moving on and pursuing my fitness career & passion in full force! watch out fitness industry i'm hittin ya hard this year, and with nothing holding me back!

BodyByBrandt .... thats right BBB is heading to a local CBBF show in less then 3 weeks... 12 dedicated, inspiring, rockin bods will be hittin the Kelowna Western Canadian stage May long weekend. These sexy ladies have been workin their booties off to showcase their best physiques to date. SO excited and proud of how far you have all come! Keep it up Ladies! XO

With summer just a few months away, there really is no better time then the present to get that rockin "bikini body" you've always wanted!! Contact me today to start a new you, just in time for summer!

Stay Fit & Fab
Leigh xox