Monday, August 1, 2011

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!

"Canadian Cuties"

Its been MONTHS since my last written blog! I say “written” because I have been doing VIDEO blogs on inside Fitness Magazine for my “road to the Toronto Supershow” & got such great feedback and responses from everyone that they have allowed me to continue with them for my next prep!
Thanks IFM!!

So here is a little re-cap of the past few months:

on my last blog i wrote about shooting with Muscle & Fitness Hers and in July they ran a 4 page "5 FAVE" SHOULDER workout spread on me... using the photos from that shoot!! ... so awesome!!

June 16th I did a photoshoot with OXYGEN magazine, had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Paul Buceta AND received a copy of their ‘GLUTES” issue!!!! Little did I know they ran a 4 page spread in it of myself and Melissa Pittman. So make sure to grab a copy and check it out for great partner workout!

June 17th was the Toronto Supershow I placed 7th in the PRO Bikini Division. I defiantly came in at my best for this show and I am working on making some great improvements to my physique and my lower abdominals are my main focus. Overall the weekend in T.O. was so much fun! I met so many amazing people and worked the MUTANT booth at the expo all day Saturday with IFBB PRO Stephanie Worsfold, Mr Mutant himself Renaldo Gairy, and the rest of the Mutant team. Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by, showing your support and saying hi, was a pleasure meeting you! Much love to you all!

After the show I went out for my first “cheat meal” in weeks!! I topped off the night with a ceasar! WHY? I dunno It just looked really good in the picture on the menu and it REALLY was! Hehe

ITS OFFICIAL!!!!! I am an INSIDE FITNESS COVER MODEL!!!!! I have the pleasure of gracing the cover of the new IFM magazine with my good friend Mark Anthony Flex. This has defiantly been dream come true. I have always been so inspired by the ladies on covers of magazines, everytime I pick up a mag I think to myself how “I wish that was me”, well no more wishing its actually happened and I still can’t believe it!! Now I look and think “is that me?!” LOL and I feel so much more motivated and inspired to stay in shape and keep going and believing to be my best, and that all the hard work does pay off. But I cant take all the credit! I have come along way in my fitness career and I have so many people to thank and who have “showed me the ropes” and who have introduced me to others who have opened many doors for me.

“Its not about the win, its about the amazing people you meet along the way”

I have so much thanks to go out to all of the people I have met “along the way” each mark a special place in my heart as you have all helped in making my dreams a reality. Thank you.

Inside Fitness - Oxygen summer “Glutes” - Muscle & Fitness Hers are all on Newstands now so please make sure to grab your copies!