Sunday, April 3, 2011

Whats hot & whats not

Wow its been a while since ive last made a post. I have so much exciting news and things to share with everyone!!!

First off... I competed at John Lindsey's Muscle Contest last weekend, i also did this show last year for my PRO DEBUT... i placed 10th last year and this year i placed 7th in a bigger class with amazing women, all dialed in and bringing it!! This was such a great show, and a great weekend overall. I got the opportunity to shoot with two phenominal photographers for two totally different shoots:
Harry @ LHGFX Photography - we did a beach and gym shoot

CHAZ @ Chaz Photographics

i had so much and they did too!! already making plans for more shoots with both of them this year!

On another note: Everyone ALWAYS wants to know what i ate after the show, and i DID have a photoshoot the next day so i just enjoyed a ahi tuna salad with the dressing ON!! lol and a few yam fries!! after my photoshoot on sunday we all went and trained and golds gym venice then hit the firehouse for my favourite spinach pancakes!!! sounds weird but they are so delish!

BEFORE i left for MUSCLE CONTEST i recieved sponsorship from "THE SUIT LADY" Colleen. she made my beautiful blue suit, which i receieved many copliments on.!! can't wait to see what she comes up with for the TO SUPERSHOW June 16th... thats my next show!

HUGE NEWS!!!! .... After the show i was invited back to LA for a Photoshoot with "M&F HERS"... THIS was the icing on my shake and i thought the weekend couldn't get any better, boy was i wrong!!
3 weeks till this shoot and i'm sooooo excited!!

To help me prep for this shoot, and the Toronto Supershow my trainer Mark Anthony Flex is coming out here for a week to kick my butt, and help me make improvements.

Thats it for now: i've created a yummy healthy cheesecake recipe that i cant wait to share it with all of you so make sure to follow me on twitter & Facebook aswell.

Stay Fit & Fab as always! XO

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  1. I have a copy of inside fitness love your cover doll:)