Monday, October 10, 2011

I survived Thanksgiving... did you?!

Alrighty... the weekend is over and you feel like crap, you over ate and now you are regretting that second piece of pumpkin pie. "why did i have that" .... i've been there and done that!! BUT not this time! This time i had a portion controlled meal- turkey, broccolie, and some yams. all steamed and baked, and no extras!!

Being 2 weeks out from my show and on a strict diet i was having second thoughts about even ATTENDING dinner but it went well and i hit the gym first thing saturday morning did little extra cardio, and was DOWN 2 pounds after the weekend!

Dinner was at my inlaws who own 50 acres outside of town, they have a full on farm and i got to feed the goats, i loved them and i wanted to take them home, along with these cute little kitties!! checkout the pics! I also collect fresh eggs for my egg white omlette then got to see the buffalo that supplies our meat! it was fun, "city girl visits the farm" this should be my next video blog! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Have a fit and fab week, NOW hit the gym and burn off hose extra calories that you consumed over the weekend!

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