Monday, September 5, 2011


Happy September!!

Summer is about to come to an end, i had a great one- had my birthday, took up road biking, and started prep for my next show. Many things to look forward to in the up coming months, such as OLYMPIA weekend & my show!!!

Thats right, Olympia is less then 2 weeks aways and i'm heading down with my Hubby & my sponsor i will be working at the MUTANT booth friday & Saturday so make sure to come by and visit me. i love to see everyone!!

up next: I'm 7 weeks outs from the Titan Grand Prix and 9 weeks out from the Sacramento Pro. decisions, decisions. i've had a few personal set backs so im thinking the extra 2 weeks of prep will be good and bring me in perfectly for the Sac show, we will see where i'm at in the next few weeks to come. I did the Sac show last year and had such a great time- always fun!

November 12, 2011 - Sandra Wickham Fall Classic show
Our Team BobyByBrandt
is hittng the stage!! 12 amazing women with great physiques will be ready to shine and show off all their hard work, then me and Dean are headed to HAWAII for a Holiday!! yipeee hehe

if you are interested in prepping for a competition, need help with losing baby weight, have a big birthday or wedding coming up and want to get ripped, shape up, lose the extra pounds. Contact me today let me help you to achieve the physique YOU want!

Follow your Heart, Follow your passion!

Leigh B xxoo

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