Sunday, October 3, 2010

Olympia was last weekend, and i have to say i had such a great time. Each year gets better and better. The booths get better, competition gets harder- some companies were even having competitions at their booths- like who can do the most pullups.. geez what some people will do for a free t'shirt LOL.

It was alot of fun and i had the pleasure to meet and visit with some incredible athletes and fellow competitors. Cant wait till next year, although i plan on being IN the show next year! hehe Congrats to Sonya and Erin on their big Olympia wins!!!

While i was in Vegas i had the chance to shoot with Michael Palmer, the photos turned out great and i had a ton of fun as always.

When i got home from Vegas i had this waiting for me:

Its a 5 page spread in MUSCLE EVOLUTION magazine, a South African mag. There was even a picture on the front cover for the spread inside. Photos are from a shoot i did with Michael Palmer last year.

I'm switching shows now - my flights were not working out for the Houston show so i've been training hard for the Sacramento Pro a little closer to home too. Dieting is always a challenge with no cheats so this is what i've been having to kill my craving

Protein Brownie
1 scoop of protein and 1/4 cup of water sometimes 2 scoops of nutracleanse and then mix all together and microwave for 35-45 seconds then sprinkle a packet of splenda or stevia over the top. Its sooo yummy! Enjoy!

here are a few pics from vegas:

Me - My husband (Mr.Ripped Freak)

Robert Kennedy - Me - Tosca Reno @ Oxygen Olympia Pre-Party

Me - Tannis Miller @ Oxygen Olympia Pre-Party

Lisa Marie - Jayme Galloway(Arnold Champ)- Me

Eat, Sleep, Train, repeat!


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