Thursday, May 20, 2010

~*Mystery Girl*~

So i've been hearing a lot that people think i don't work! haha I'm known as the "mystery girl" in the industry! I'm a stay at home wife with a sugar daddy and a mom to two cats and a dog! hahaha. Whats wrong with keeping the work place separate from your personal life. "Don't mix business with pleasure" hehe

Here's the dirty little secret, the truth is out! I work in the accounting dept. for a Dodge dealership. I've actually worked there for 8 years, started from the bottom and moved to the top. I do some personal training on the side. and just recently started "Xtreme Promotions Ltd." with my husband. We will be the new clothing suppliers for all "Reflex's" across Canada. With my plate being this full, somehow i still manage to get all my training in.

so there you have it, its not a mystery anymore.


1 comment:

  1. Hahah. If people think that you stay at home and have a sugar daddy, they can justify why you are in awesome shape and they aren't! I wonder what excuse they will use now?
    It's funny, a lot of the fitness girls are some of the busiest, hardest-working people I know!

    Congrats on your new business!